Katy Real Estate - Katy Homes for Sale
Katy Real Estate - Katy Homes for Sale
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Katy Real EstateThroughout the greater part of the 19th century, that part of Texas which was destined to be Katy held little more than railroad tracks. The train which traveled upon them was run by the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad, and it gifted Katy with more than commerce. The railroad’s nickname, KT, is said to have been the inspiration for Katy’s name. 

Although originally platted in 1895, it was not until 1945 that the town was finally incorporated as the City of Katy. The area today remains a major railroad hub and is recognized not only as a center for farming and agriculture but also as a home to one of the region’s largest gas fields. In spite of Katy's steady growth, however, a stroll down one of its tree-lined streets will reveal its bucolic nature. Katy has never forgotten its roots, and the markers it has erected at more than a dozen historic buildings pay homage to that fact. 


Katy's SchoolsWith a current population of about 15,000, Katy might have outgrown its original small-town status, but it has never lost its sense of community. Local residents come together on a regular basis for such popular activities as a Citywide Garage Sale, an Arbor Day celebration and the annual Don’t Mess with Texas Trash-Off. Our website can give you additional information on community activities in Katy. 

In addition to its regularly-scheduled community get-togethers, the City of Katy offers its residents a well-appointed library, community centers and five attractive parks, one of which is specifically designed for dogs.

Katy also offers excellent schools for grades K-12 and several local opportunities for higher education. If you’re planning a move to Katy, our website can give your further information on Katy schools as well as a list of Katy Homes for Sale and an overview of Katy Real Estate in general. 


Katy’s farming heritage is a major part of its history, and every October, Katy pays it homage with the carnival, crafts and food afforded by the annual Rice Harvest Festival. Katy also offers its residents such popular events as a Folk Life Festival, tree-lighting ceremony at Christmas and fireworks on the Fourth of July. Another popular attraction, the well-attended Katy ISD FFA Livestock Show and Rodeo, also features a parade. 

History buffs will enjoy a trip to one of Katy’s museums. One of these, the Heritage Museum, honors Katy’s agricultural past, and another, the Veteran’s Memorial Museum, chronicles America’s military involvement in foreign conflicts over the years. A favorite landmark, the red caboose in the heart of downtown Katy, marks the position of the restored Missouri-Kansas-Texas depot at which the Katy Historical Society has installed an exhibit on the history of the MKT Railroad.

Katy Real Estate and Katy Homes for Sale

If you’re thinking of moving to Katy, our website can give you a comprehensive overview of Katy Homes for Sale. With the varied offerings available in Katy Real Estate, you’re sure to find something here that your family will love.
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